How to prepare yourself for marriage.

About The Course

Do you know that one of the major causes for marriage failure is lack of preparation? This accounts for the shockers many people receive when they get married. Preparation is very key for success in life.

It is ridiculous to expect a blissful marriage when you are not preparing for one – Chiemezie Ofodum.

How do you succeed in anything in life without adequate preparation? Think about it – in education, career, sports, arts and entertainment, entrepreneurship, politics, ministry and every worthwhile venture. How come people prepare to succeed in all these, yet only marriage should be an exception to adequate preparation? You get the point now?

So, a person can be successful in whatever field and yet fail at marriage simply because they prepared for all those other areas and neglected this one.

This course helps to take care of the problem of lack of preparation. It starts from the very fundamental areas as knowing who you are – your self-awareness. Because your marriage is only a reflection of who you are. This course will speak to your self-concept, give you an unshakable foundation for a very healthy self-esteem and expose you to ways you can become a better person for yourself, not just because you want to get married. The course is designed to speak to the most important person in your relationship – YOU, and guides you on important conversations to have during your courtship to guide your selection of potential spouse.

You deserve a great relationship. One that will give you the peace & love you desire. However, the way to experience it is to bring it in yourself, not depend on your partner to do so.

In this course you will learn:

  1. 5 most important questions to ask yourself before getting into a marital relationship.
  2. How to discover yourself by asking the 7 critical self-discovery questions.
  3. How to appreciate your value thereby permanently expelling low self-esteem from your life.
  4. How to discover your purpose so you can live life more meaningfully.
  5. How to become a desirable person.
  6. What kind of conversations to have with your partner during courtship that will help you know if you are making the right choice of partner?

And lots more

This is one of the most foundational courses you should take as you commence your marriage preparatory activities.

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