How to succeed in marriage before you get married

About The Course

The best time to prepare for war is in times of peace. The best time to prepare for an examination is before the examination. In the same vein the best time to prepare for a blissful marriage is before you get married.

It is ridiculous to expect a blissful marriage when you are not preparing for one – Chiemezie Ofodum.

This course is one of the best materials you will ever consume in your marriage preparation. It’s a rich selection of lessons and wisdom from my several professional memberships and courses. The modules are carefully selected to ensure they are relevant, practical, insightful and inspire hope in you as you prepare for marriage.

Some people are scared about marriage because of the negative publicity all over the media of failed marriages, abuse, cheating spouses, etc. This makes them discouraged and feel like marriage is just a mystery that is not meant to be ever unraveled.

If you think like this, it is because you are yet to enroll for this course and hear the amazing and life transforming words of wisdom shared. I make bold to let you know that it is very easy to succeed in your marriage and so many people are having a blissful experience in it. The few questions I will ask you are as follows

  • Do you truly desire a blissful marriage?
  • Are you willing to replace old ideas with new ones?
  • Are you willing to commit to the process of becoming a better you?
  • Are you ready to learn how to be self-less towards your spouse?
  • Are you ready to be accountable as you work through this process?

If you answered yes to these questions, then we are more than ready and excited to share this course with you.

Some people prioritize wedding planning and expenses above preparing for marriage. When they hear of a fee for a marriage programme they consider it unnecessary or too expensive, yet those investments are what may guaranty the relevance of every other expense planned for the wedding ceremony. Think about this: What will it profit a man to have the biggest wedding in his days, yet is unhappy in the home or the marriage falls apart? The success of your marriage, as a result of adequate preparation, is what eventually validates every expense spent on that wedding day.

Every other expense is in most cases higher than the amount required for a marriage preparatory course. Ask yourself, is it the cost of halls, feeding, photography & videography, clothes, lodging, event planning services? Besides these tangible items what about the cost of living in an unhappy home? How to do quantify the pains of being abused, oppressed, manipulated and emotionally hurt in your marriage? How do you measure the pain of infidelity or brawls from in-laws? How do you measure the cost of a divorce attorney and the entire process, the separation from the children, the impact of that separation on the children’s outlook and output in life? I could go on and on but the truth is, all of these negativities can be completely avoided by just a one-time investment which definitely does not cost as much as these direct and indirect costs.

Choose wisdom today. It’s time to create the marriage of your dreams and we are here to help you set the foundation for that and build with you.

Waste no further time and quickly sign up for Marital Bliss with this course.

What will you benefit from this course?

  1. Empowerment on how to take charge of your world
  2. Self-discovery and mastery
  3. Healing from past relationship hurts
  4. Understanding of your differences from your spouse and how it affects your marriage.
  5. How to manage your expectations in marriage
  6. How to know if you’re getting married for the right or wrong reasons
  7. What love really means
  8. Clarity on what marriage really is, it’s purpose and the roles of husband & wife
  9. How to create and achieve the marriage of your dreams
  10. Mastering communication that promotes love and peace in the marriage and eliminates conflict
  11. How to recognize and manage conflict
  12. How to manage family finances
  13. The importance of sex and how to make it enjoyable in your marriage
  14. How to relate with your in-laws to create a loving home
  15. Basics of parenting
  16. A self-paced course that you can consume at your own convenience
  17. Access to an intensive 12-week group coaching session (optional)
  18. How to build systems that work

I could go on to read the amazing benefits of this course.

You have an opportunity now to experience these for yourself.

Enroll now.

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