Our special marriage counselling is for people courting and engaged to be married.

We bring in a dynamic approach to marriage counselling deploying psychometry tests and other predictive assessments that reveal possible areas of conflicts, weaknesses, strengths and specific things to look out for in the marriage. The response is always ‘Wow’. 

Some downplay the importance of marriage counselling and only end up needing one when the crisis is about to go off the roof. The challenge then is that they mount unrealistic expectations on the counsellor as though with a magic wand their problems will be solved. Unfortunately, that’s not the case because the issues being dealt with took several years to become a part of a person’s life and will not disappear suddenly with ‘new advice’. That’s why counselling is very important and done early enough, not few days to the wedding but months before.

Our marriage counselling programme is an intensive 12-week grooming. Made up of individual sessions and joint sessions with the aspiring couple. Some of the areas covered include:

  • Self-discovery and mastery
  • Freedom from traumas and past hurts
  • Fundamentals of marriage
  • Critical elements in making marriage work:
  • Creating the marriage of your dreams
  • Communication skills for a peaceful and loving marriage.
  • Overcoming Conflicts – sources, management and resolution.
  • Family finance
  • Keeping sex intimate and fun
  • Introduction to Parenting
  • How to prepare for the actual wedding
  • Relating with in-laws.

You get the following as bonus:

  1. Quarterly post-marriage check-up sessions up to the first year of your marriage at no additional cost.
  2. Exposure to our rich pool of resources that will help build your marriage as you and your spouse consume them together and share lessons learnt.

You’re invited to schedule your marriage counselling session with us and be guaranteed priceless value. This session costs N140,000 ($200)

As a Certified SYMBIS facilitator, I use SYMBIS online tools for pre-counselling assessments and for managing coaching sessions.

SYMBIS is an acronym that stands for ‘Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts’. It’s an online tool that allows engaged or married couples to remotely fill out certain assessments which help us navigate conversations during the counselling session on key factors that determine the success or failure of their relationship. These factors include: Personality, upbringing, environmental influences attitude, sex, money, relationship with in-laws and more. This solution has been used by over a million couples worldwide and is a very effective tool.