RELATIONSHIP RED FLAGS; How to avoid ‘breakfast’ in your relationship

Heartbreak is not any person’s desire when they crave a love relationship. Yet, it seems like the most constant experience in some person’s relationship stories, to the extent that some people have become so hardened and defensive that even when they meet the right partner, they destroy the relationship because of all the baggage carried along from previous relationships.

I tell people again and again that relationships do not fail suddenly. There are always signs that predict the duration and destination of that relationship. Some people really do not care, they leave the success of their relationship to fate/chance. I hear people say ‘if God says this person is mine then it will work’. I smile when I hear that phrase because the person saying that is even saying it from the standpoint of chance and luck not certainty that they have truly heard from God concerning the matter. Many times, I then ask: so how will you know if God has said this one is for you? The answer to this is ‘if the relationship eventually works and leads to marriage’. Brings us back to ‘chance’.

Relationships do not succeed by chance but by wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Solving a problem begins from correctly identifying it. Then knowing how to avoid or overcome it. While you pray for your love relationship to not fail, it is more important that you recognize the things that cause the failures and learn how to avoid them or deal with them before they destroy your relationship/marriage and cause a dent in your heart.

What this book has done is to help young people identify the signs that are detrimental to a healthy relationship. This knowledge empowers them to make the right decisions that will set them free from a vicious circle of heartbreaks. We have broken down the points and rendered them as clearly as possible for easy reading. We also share some relatable stories that help convey the points being made.

This is a good material and will definitely add value to your life. When you get one for yourself, please make it your favorite gift to the people in your life.